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SAIC-BMW and Baidu Reach Strategic Partnership to Jointly Explore AI and Automotive Business

SAIC-BMW and Baidu recently held a signing ceremony for a strategic cooperation memorandum. The two parties will share their respective advantages and resources to explore the innovative fusion of AI technology and the full range of scenarios in the automotive manufacturing industry, and promote cooperation in digitalization and intelligentization technologies. According to the cooperation agreement, the two parties will in the future conduct in-depth cooperation in areas such as AI platforms and quantum computing technologies.

The signing ceremony was attended by senior executives from both parties, including Yu Qinghai, President of SAIC Motor; Gao Xuefeng, President of SAIC-BMW; and Xu Zhijun, President of Baidu.

In his speech, Yu Qinghai said that the cooperation between SAIC Motor and Baidu is a strategic move to jointly explore the future of intelligent mobility. He believes that the two parties have complementary advantages in terms of technology, resources, and market, and that they can work together to create a new intelligent mobility ecosystem.

Gao Xuefeng said that SAIC-BMW is committed to building a leading intelligent automotive company. The cooperation with Baidu is an important step for SAIC-BMW to achieve its intelligent transformation goals. He believes that the two parties can jointly create a new intelligent automotive experience for users.

Xu Zhijun said that Baidu is committed to building the leading artificial intelligence technology company. The cooperation with SAIC Motor and SAIC-BMW is an important step for Baidu to enter the automotive industry. He believes that the two parties can jointly create a new intelligent automotive ecology.

The strategic cooperation between SAIC Motor, SAIC-BMW, and Baidu is a significant event in the automotive industry. It is expected that the cooperation will help to accelerate the development of intelligent mobility in China.

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