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Sony Mobile Gaming Department Loses Another Executive

Sony's mobile gaming department, PlayStation Mobile, has recently seen a number of high-level departures. The latest news is that Michail Katkoff, the general manager of Savage Game Studios, has announced his resignation. Savage Game Studios was acquired by Sony less than a year ago.

Katkoff's resignation comes just weeks after another high-profile departure from PlayStation Mobile. In June, former head of mobile Anthony Newman left the company to join Apple.

The recent departures from PlayStation Mobile have raised concerns about the future of the company's mobile gaming business. Sony has not yet announced a replacement for Katkoff, and it is unclear what the implications of his resignation will be for the company's mobile gaming strategy.

Some analysts believe that the departures from PlayStation Mobile could signal a broader shift in Sony's mobile gaming strategy. In recent years, Sony has focused on developing mobile games for its own platforms, such as the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. However, the company has also been experimenting with developing mobile games for other platforms, such as iOS and Android.

It is possible that Sony is now shifting its focus away from mobile gaming. The company may be concerned about the profitability of the mobile gaming market, or it may believe that it can achieve more success by focusing on its core console gaming business.

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