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Soon WhatsApp will be able to work on several smartphones of the same user at the same time


The team of the popular messenger WhatsApp continues to work on an improved version of support for working on multiple devices at the same time - the so-called Multi-device 2.0.

If earlier it was reported about the imminent appearance of tablets (iPad and tablets running Android), now we are talking about the ability to connect more than one smartphone to one account.

At the moment, a feature called Multi-device (for multiple devices) allows you to connect up to four devices, including a Windows computer, macOS, a WhatsApp Web session, or a Facebook Portal smart display. However, only one smartphone can be the main device.

As the thematic resource WABetaInfo found in the code of the test version, the developers are preparing WhatsApp so that it is possible to connect not only a tablet but also a smartphone as a secondary device, in addition to the main smartphone.

As evidence, a screenshot of smartphone proportions is provided, on which the message history is loaded, the same way it looks like connecting a PC or browser session to a WhatsApp account. The function is not yet available even in test mode.

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