Tesla opens supercharging network to all-electric cars in Iceland

As part of a pilot project, Tesla opened the first batch of supercharging stations in Iceland to non-Tesla electric vehicles. Tesla’s current supercharging network in Iceland covers the entire island. Of course, Tesla has yet to expand the program to regions like North America, where Tesla needs a new type of adapter so that non-Tesla EVs can charge on the Supercharger network. In November 2021, Tesla ran a pilot program at 10 supercharging stations in the Netherlands, allowing non-Tesla electric car owners to use Tesla charging piles for charging.

In January, Tesla announced that it would expand to more regions in Norway and France. A month later, the project was extended to all supercharging stations in the Netherlands. A few weeks later, Tesla expanded the pilot program again, this time including some Supercharger stations in the UK, Spain, Sweden, Belgium, and Austria.

In May, the automaker added Spain and the UK to the program. Subsequently, Tesla expanded the project again to Denmark, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. A month later, Tesla opened the pilot program to most European countries.

When previously announcing the new pilot program, Tesla said it would slowly expand the program to test more broadly, both with new non-Tesla EV owners joining the network, as well as those experienced at Tesla charging stations. Existing Tesla owners with more traffic.

Today, Tesla announced that it will expand the Supercharging pilot program for non-Tesla electric vehicles to most Supercharging stations in Iceland.

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