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Google is also enforcing its In-App Purchase Rules, which is waging war on app developers

Google | Image Credit: Unsplash
Google | Image Credit: Unsplash

Google prefers to re-emphasize its in-app purchase policy with developers before listing their apps on the Play Store. Google now requires that all services with in-app purchases use the Google Play Store's charge services, allowing Google to keep about a half-hour of the money.

Google's policy has been consistent for years; but, the company can reinforce it because some developers aren't adhering to Google's requirements. The reinforcement is not a pleasant indication for developers, who are already fighting Apple's recent strengthening of in-app purchasing regulations. certain

A collection of well-known smartphone app publishers, including Spotify, Epic Games, and Basecamp, have announced the formation of the "Coalition for App Fairness," which aims to improve transparency between app stores and publishers.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix, Spotify, and Epic Games are skirting Google's restrictions and avoiding paying Google fees. Currently, high-profile apps avoid fees by requiring users to sign up for services (and pay) via the app's website to terminate the need for in-app purchases.

The concern for Google is that, as compared to Apple's restricted app strategy, Android's open nature allows consumers to transfer third-party apps with relative ease. In reality, on some Android smartphones, there is a third-party app store that operates independently of Google. Some app developers may figure out how to popularise a third-party app marketplace that can be put onto Android and provide a lot of fair terms for creators.

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