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Twitter's France head leaves

Damien Viel, director of Twitter's French business, said that he will resign from Twitter and has announced the news on his personal Twitter account.

Damien Viel said it was pride, honor, and mission accomplished. Goodbye Twitter France and thank you all for these 7 incredible and intense years. Damien Viel also confirmed his departure in a message to Reuters.

However, Damien Viel did not elaborate on the circumstances of his departure and refused to disclose the current personnel changes at Twitter.

Since Musk acquired Twitter, the company has experienced a lot of personnel changes, and the company’s workforce has been reduced by more than half due to layoffs and other departures during this period. It can reach about 3,700 people.

Some departments of Twitter are no longer staffed. Another 1,200 employees resigned following Musk's ultimatum.


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