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United States: Pennsylvania Launches Pilot Program to Integrate ChatGPT in Government Work

The state of Pennsylvania is set to deploy OpenAI's enterprise ChatGPT service in a pilot program aimed at enhancing administrative efficiency among government workers. The initiative, announced by Governor Josh Shapiro's office, is slated to commence this month and will initially involve a select number of employees from the Pennsylvania Office of Administration.

While the exact number of participating employees remains undisclosed, the pilot program has the potential for expansion to include other state workers based on feedback and success metrics. The state plans to closely consider input from the initial group before releasing an additional 100 licenses to access ChatGPT Enterprise.

Neil Weaver, Secretary of Pennsylvania's Office of Administration, stated, "Our goal with the pilot is to work closely with a small number of employees to figure out where we can have the greatest impact using generative AI tools."

ChatGPT Enterprise will be employed in a variety of tasks, including creating copy, simplifying outdated policy language, drafting job descriptions to aid in recruitment and hiring processes, and addressing duplication and conflicting guidance within employee policies, as well as for coding purposes.

The primary objective of the pilot program is to explore innovative ways of utilizing generative AI to enhance services for citizens. The state emphasized that access to ChatGPT would be limited to state workers, and Pennsylvania residents would not directly interact with the tool when engaging with government services. Lessons learned from this initial launch will help identify other state agencies that could benefit from the implementation of generative AI.

Pennsylvania's collaboration with OpenAI marks the first state pilot program for ChatGPT Enterprise, the enterprise-grade program launched by OpenAI in August of the previous year. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Our collaboration with Governor Shapiro and the Pennsylvania team will provide valuable insights into how AI tools can responsibly enhance state services."

Notably, ChatGPT Enterprise offers users increased control over data and security. Governor Shapiro's office affirmed that no government or resident data would be utilized to train the GPT-4 model.

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