Valve Announces Deck Verified Program

Valve wants almost every game on Steam to be playable on the upcoming handheld Steam Deck. Valve yesterday announced the Deck Verified program, which allows users to see how games featured on the Steam store will run on the Steam Deck before a new console launches.

The company launched an internal Deck Verified program, giving games one of four ratings:

  • Verified - the game works fine on the Steam Deck

  • Playable - the game may require some customization by the user

  • Unsupported - The game is currently not working on the Steam Deck

  • Unknown - Valve has not yet tested this game for compatibility

Valve is adding icons to games in Steam libraries prior to launching the Steam Deck and plans to continue to do so after launch. As developers update their games, Valve may revise the ratings assigned to games.

The Steam Deck will launch in December this year, with three models priced at $ 399, $ 529, and $ 649 that differ in memory size.

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