Volvo unmanned long-haul truck prototype presented

Volvo VNL semi-trailer tractor
Volvo VNL semi-trailer tractor

Volvo and Aurora are one step closer to bringing self-driving trucks to the roads of North America. They showed a prototype of the Volvo VNL semi-trailer tractor, which is equipped with a wide range of sensors for sensing the environment and self-navigation with the help of the Aurora virtual driver.

The automaker did not delve into the technical details, but judging by the description, the car is ready to move on its own on highways. Previously, the project partners stated that they hope for level 4 autonomy and even driving without human intervention under certain conditions.

Volvo has already introduced autonomous trucks in countries such as Norway and Sweden. However, they generally follow short, well-defined routes.

When the prototype will hit public roads, the manufacturer did not say. There is still no information about the release date of the serial model.

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