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Volvo Unveils Luxurious EM90 Electric Minivan

Volvo has revealed its first minivan, the EM90, which is targeted at the Chinese market. The EM90 is a luxurious and spacious vehicle that features a first-class cabin, a long range, and advanced safety features.

Volvo EM90
Volvo EM90

Exterior: The EM90 has a chunky resemblance to its Zeekr cousin but features subtler details. Volvo's customary "Thor's hammer" headlights sit high and wide, presiding over a large flat face decorated with ornate LEDs and an illuminated Volvo logo. The rear features vertically oriented taillights and a full-width light bar that includes a lit-up Volvo script, and the EM90 rides on 19- or 20-inch wheels.

Interior: Volvo describes the EM90 as a "comfortable living room on the move," so don't expect nimble handling. The EM90 features a lounge-like, six-seat cabin with plush captain's chairs that feature fold-out tables. The overall design is light and airy, with birch wood panels with an intricate, backlit design. A 15.6-inch entertainment screen hangs from the ceiling, supporting a variety of third-party apps and featuring a camera for video calls. A 21-speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system takes care of audio duties. The driver receives a 15.4-inch infotainment screen and a small display behind the steering wheel, while rear-seat passengers use screens on the doors to control certain functions.

Powertrain: Unlike the dual-motor 536-hp Zeekr, the EM90 makes do with just one rear-mounted electric motor producing 268 horsepower. This will see the rear-wheel-drive minivan accelerate to 62 mph in a claimed 8.3 seconds. The Volvo packs a 116.0-kWh battery also found in the Zeekr, although the 009 can be upgraded to a 140.0-kWh unit. Volvo claims a 459-mile range on China's test cycle. Volvo claims the EM90 can recharge from 10 to 80 percent in less than half an hour and the battery can be used to provide juice to other cars and electronic accessories.

Safety: Volvo says that the EM90 is "coming first to China," unsurprising given the popularity of luxury minivans there. But curiously the statement leaves open the possibility of export, although we'd be surprised to see the EM90 reach U.S. shores. If it does, don't expect it to arrive for several years. Regardless, we hope the EM90's serene, luxurious cabin design makes its way into other future Volvos.

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