VR dungeon game Demeo fifth wave Reign of Madness will be launched on December 15

Demeo is a VR dungeon game developed by the game studio Resolution Games. Quest and PC VR live. In this update, players need to continue the resurrected Mad Elven King, and need to stop Rackarn "once and for all". This is the fifth adventure update for the Demeo game.

Demeo has previously launched Black Sarcophagus, Realm of the Rat King, Roots of Evil, and Realm of the Snake King. Curse of the Serpent Lord has four DLC updates.

Resolution wrote in the storyline,

In the town of Ends, people have lived on the sea for centuries, living in peace with nature. After a sudden earthquake a few days ago, terrible creatures climbed the streets near the central square. Now, The town of Ends is a place where death and corruption fill its alleys. No one is safe. Rálma calls on you to fight whatever comes up below, implying that this event should end.
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