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What is the difference between my regular Instagram and Instagram Lite apps?

At the beginning of this year, the Facebook-owned photo-sharing platform re-launched the Instagram Lite application for Android users in more than 170 countries, and this comes after it was previously withdrawn, which raised several questions such as what is the difference between the two applications and how this version compares with The original application.

There is a big difference between the Instagram Lite application and the official Instagram application, in terms of size. The official Instagram occupies a large amount of memory, up to 141 MB, compared to the Instagram Lite application, which occupies a small space of 573 KB.

There is also a difference in the data sharing feature from others, you can share photos and videos, and you can explore a lot of videos, photos, and stories through the “Explore” feature.

The application also allows people to follow along with the availability of many features such as the Instagram Direct message feature to communicate with others and the feature of taking photos and videos in a very simple way.

But at the same time, the Instagram Lite application does not allow live broadcasts, and notifications do not reach the user.

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