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Windows 11 on Apple Vision Pro: Stunning Concept Design

A Twitter user named @froggie621 has created a stunning concept design of what Windows 11 would look like on Apple's Vision Pro. The design is so well-done that it could easily be mistaken for an official Microsoft product.

The concept design features all of the major elements of Windows 11, such as the centered Start menu, rounded corners, and Mica effect. However, it also incorporates some elements of Apple's design language, such as the use of white space and the overall minimalist aesthetic.

The result is a truly beautiful and cohesive design that would be a perfect fit for the Vision Pro. It is clear that @froggie621 put a lot of time and effort into this design, and it shows.

A Chinese technology website, took note of the concept design and praised it for its execution. They also pointed out that some of Windows 11's features, such as the rounded corners, are particularly well-suited for the Vision Pro's high-resolution display.

The concept design has been met with positive reactions from Twitter users. Many people have expressed their desire to see Microsoft create a real version of the design. However, it is important to note that this is just a concept design and there is no guarantee that Microsoft will ever create a real version of it.

Nevertheless, the concept design is a testament to the creativity and talent of @froggie621. It is also a reminder of the potential that exists for Windows 11 on Apple hardware. Hopefully, Microsoft will take note of the positive reaction to this concept design and consider creating a real version of it in the future.

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