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Xbox "has identified" Baldur's Gate 3 Save Bug Cause, Firmware Fix Incoming

In a moment of relief for Baldur's Gate 3 players on Xbox, Microsoft has identified the root cause of the persistent save bug that has plagued the game since its surprise launch at the end of last year. Developer Larian Studios has announced that a firmware fix will be rolled out next week to address the issue, bringing an end to the frustration faced by players who have been losing their progress due to crashes.

The highly-anticipated release of Baldur's Gate 3 was met with excitement from Xbox fans, but the joy was short-lived as reports of save data disappearing started surfacing shortly after the game's debut. Given the extensive and intricate nature of Baldur's Gate 3, losing progress was a nightmare scenario for many players.

Larian Studios had previously offered a temporary workaround to mitigate the save bug, but a permanent solution required a firmware update from Microsoft. The wait for this fix has been a source of frustration for players, but the end is finally in sight. Larian Studios shared the news on social media, stating that Microsoft has identified the cause of the save bug and will release a firmware update on January 16. Alternatively, players can wait an additional week for the update to be globally rolled out.

While Larian expresses optimism that Microsoft has successfully addressed the problem, the developers acknowledge they have not independently verified the fix. Nonetheless, the prospect of a resolution has brought hope to Baldur's Gate 3 enthusiasts, who eagerly await the update.

Beyond the save bug, Xbox players of Baldur's Gate 3 have faced other challenges, including reports of bans triggered by the auto-upload feature. Some players found themselves banned after unintentionally uploading in-game nudity clips to Microsoft's servers. Larian Studios, in collaboration with Microsoft, managed to reverse these bans, but a recent update from Microsoft indicates a reluctance to reconsider the auto-upload feature's implementation, advising players to disable it to prevent future issues.

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