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Yappy app for short vertical videos coming out at the end of the year

Yappy app
Yappy app

According to Kommersant, Gazprom-Media has completed the Yappy application, which will replace TikTok with imports. Yappy is based on another app, Yamolodets, which the company bought last year.

Yappy has the same meaning as TikTok - it is a social network with vertical videos up to 60 seconds long. Video creators will be able to interact with the audience. The application is already available in the AppStore but is still in the closed testing stage: about 300 users participate in it every month. Yappy is aimed at users between the ages of 14 and 35 who are " passionate about self-development and career and for whom personal recognition and material success are important ."

Gazprom-Media notes that Yappy will attract an audience using standard marketing tools, but experts doubt that the social network will become popular. The very idea of ​​vertical videos is not surprising now, and commercial success requires a huge audience of authors and an even larger audience of viewers. It is not clear what will force users to switch from TikTok to Yappy, but some legislative measures may contribute to this. Yappy is due to launch at the end of the year.

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