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YouTube is going to start cracking down on AI clones of musicians

YouTube is going to start cracking down on AI clones of musicians. This means that videos that use AI to create realistic versions of musicians will be removed from the site. YouTube will also require creators to label AI-generated videos with a disclosure warning. The company says that this is to protect musicians and to ensure that users are aware when they are watching AI-generated content.

The new rules will go into effect in 2023. YouTube will also be investing in tools to help detect and remove AI-generated content that is not labeled correctly. The company says that these tools are still in development, but they are expected to be available next year.

YouTube says that it will not penalize creators who trip over the new rules in the early days. However, the company says that it will take action against creators who repeatedly violate the rules. This could include takedowns, demonetization, or even removal from the platform.

The new rules are likely to be controversial, as they raise a number of legal and ethical questions. For example, it is not clear how YouTube will define "realistic" AI-generated content. It is also not clear how the company will determine whether content is parody or satire.


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