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Zuckerberg is accused of being powerless and it's time to step down as Meta CEO

The United States Business Insider senior reporter Linette Lopez wrote an article on Thursday that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is powerless to return to the sky, It's time to resign. Here's a summary of Lopez's article:

Zuckerberg should resign. He should step down as Meta CEO and let someone else run Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. He should then use his vast wealth and venture capital connections to launch a startup that will realize his metaverse vision. In my opinion, this is the only way Zuckerberg can save his empire, let alone the best action for society.

On Tuesday, we saw another clear sign that Zuckerberg needs to step down. Meta held the Meta Connect conference which in theory was meant to showcase the cool stuff Meta developers were doing in the Metaverse. The demos were supposed to convince people that the Metaverse is where they want to be, and convince investors that Zuckerberg's massive investment in new technology is worth it.

Metaverse Breakthrough: Two Legs

But what exactly did he announce at the conference to convince those of us who are tired of the internet that the $1,500 headset that connects us to the Metaverse is worth it? The answer is two legs! Avatar's legs! You got two legs! You have long legs! Yes, the big news from the conference is that Zuckerberg's avatar on the metaverse platform now has legs, instead of a floating torso. Zuckerberg was so excited about the two legs that he jumped with joy when he talked about them. I think his avatar can now jump up too.

If only the rest of the world could be as excited as Zuckerberg. Last year, Meta spent $10 billion to develop the metaverse, with little success. The company said in February that only 300,000 users log on to its Metaverse app Horizon World each month, a paltry amount compared to Facebook's 2.9 billion users. Now, Wall Street is clearly viewing the project with skepticism: Meta's stock has fallen roughly 60% this year.

Zuckerberg already owns two very profitable platforms: Facebook and Instagram, but their popularity is declining. Facebook's user base shrank for the first time late last year. Young people on both platforms have been taken away by TikTok, and older users have been taken away by mental health awareness (referring to the fact that Facebook is bad for physical and mental health). Solving the problem requires focus, innovation, and hard work, but Zuckerberg doesn't seem interested in it. So he should leave the job to someone more committed and capable to bring his metaverse show to the entrepreneurial world.

Learn from the founders of Microsoft and Google

Meta is now facing its toughest commercial headwind since the company's inception. The economy could suffer a global recession for the first time since Facebook went public in 2012. Rising interest rates and a stronger dollar are squeezing profits at tech companies. Apple's privacy protections limit the ability of Facebook and Instagram to collect user information, a change expected to cost Meta $10 billion in lost ad revenue this year. That put Meta's business in panic mode: The company is said to be preparing to quietly lay off staff and cancel some internships.

All of these issues require Zuckerberg to focus heavily on improving the company's flagship product, repairing its public image, and showing investors that the company's business can survive the coming economic chaos. Zuckerberg's focus isn't on the present, however. Instead, he's focused on the future of Meta. In times of high growth, a visionary leader is great, but Meta needed a leader who saw the company with a clear eye, not someone who was burdened with the emotional baggage of the founder. If Bill Gates is determined to leave Microsoft, or if Larry Page and Sergey Brin realize the time is right to hand Google over to someone else, Zach Berg should also opt-out.

Playing the Metaverse with Startups

If Zuckerberg likes to micromanage, startups are his best bet. He could spin off the metaverse app Horizon World and seek venture capital from all his billionaire friends. Many other big tech founders have started passionate projects outside of their original companies, such as Page and Brin, Twitter founder Jack Dorsey and Uber founder Travis Dorsey. Travis Kalanick. By taking the company's Metaverse business private, Zuckerberg could build his new world in stealth mode.

In all of Zuckerberg's talk about the metaverse, there's the possibility that he thinks Facebook and Instagram can't be saved, leaving them to die like an old email address, The latter is riddled with spam and stuffed with outdated information that isn't even worth reading anymore. Maybe he thinks these platforms are too cumbersome to manage if they are no longer popular. Maybe Zuckerberg doesn't want to be on Facebook and Instagram anymore, because the work needed to save those platforms isn't something he likes to do. But if that's the case, he should resign.

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